Sigma Moulds & Stampings

TS 16949, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

Sigma Moulds & Stampings (SMS) established in 2004 is a subsidiary of the Sigma Group and among India's fastest growing business houses in Automotive Industry. It specializes in the manufacturing of Precision Sheet Metal Stamped Parts & Welded Assemblies for Automotive applications - specifically used in vehicle Suspension, Steering Systems, Braking Systems, Seat structures, Engine Parts, NVH & Oil Seals etc. The products are mainly used in Safety Related assemblies by major Indian T1, OEM’s as well as for Export Customers like Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Maruti Suzuki, TATA, Hyundai.

The company is among the few in India to have cutting edge robotic welding setup and imported Presses from AIDA SEYI to maintain and deliver quality for the safety related niche automotive products requiring very close tolerances. The company’s strength in technological innovations, quick turnaround time, cost competitiveness and reliability coupled with the future strategy to grow with quality products has led it to become one of the leading suppliers to several OEMs in Europe, USA.


Sheet Metal Stampings


Automotive sheet metal parts include a variety of structural and functional parts designed with different metallic forms that finds wide ranging applications in the manufacturing of a vehicle e.g., bodies and frames, electrical systems, steering systems, braking systems etc. Sigma Moulds & Stampings offers a wide variety of sheet metal parts manufactured from corrosion resistant material of high strength and durability, conforming to the highest quality standards e.g., Brake System Assy., Safety Parts (Housings), Brackets for Transmission Assy., Engine & Steering Brackets, Stamping Assy. for NVH applications.

Welding Assemblies Images


Welding process is very commonly used in automotive manufacturing especially for component production by joining together different parts to produce a single component of desired complex configuration by employing different welding techniques. The welding assemblies produced by Sigma finds wide ranging use in a number of automotive applications like Brake systems, Safety Parts, Engine & Transmission systems, Steering Systems & NVH applications. Sigma’s MIG / SPOT Robotic and customised welding solutions ensures strength and durability in critical safety related parts which require very close tolerances.