Sigma Corporation India Ltd.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

Sigma Corporation India Ltd. is a global supplier of rubber to metal bonded products for passenger cars and commercial vehicle applications. The product portfolio includes anti-vibration parts.

Sigma has a product range of over 8,000 different Engine & Transmission Mounts and other Rubber Parts for almost every automobile on the road. Till date Sigma has produced and sold over 300 million mounts, creating a history of its kind in the aftermarkets of Europe and Americas.

Sigma Corporation Ltd. has world class manufacturing facilities spread over multiple plants covering a total area of 450,000 sq ft which are logistically well located in the industrial township around New Delhi.



SIGMA Engine and Transmission Mounts are made to isolate noise from power plant vibrations at various operating conditions. SIGMA mounts support and ensure comfort through torque of the engine and transmission unit . Sigma makes a variety of Engine & Hydraulic Mounts, including Switchable Engine Mounts, Pneumatical Switchable Hydro Mounts.


SIGMA rubber to Metal Strut Mounts is reversed engineered to strictly match the OEM design and specifications, using the same materials to match specific vehicle tuning. They are designed to enhance your ride comfort by absorbing and reducing the transmission of residual wheel vibrations and noise to the vehicle body.