SQP - Perfection at Every Step of The Way

The focus of the SIGMA QUALITY POLICY is to maintain its international reputation as the most responsive provider of the highest quality automotive parts and to achieve and surpass stated quality standards in the quest to serve its customers better. The prime objectives of SQP are to comply with functional specifications along with performance, environmental, regulatory & safety norms as mandated by its customers. Sigma endeavours to achieve this through innovative use of the latest technology and employee participation with an eye on customer focus to produce products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The intent and objective of SQP is to deliver Zero Defect products and services and to ensure the products performance under real world conditions.

Quality Focus : 5-S, TPM, TQM, Cost of Quality analysis.

All of Sigma’s products are manufactured as per internationally benchmarked production control guidelines (ISO 14001, IATF 16949, OHSAS 18001).


Sigma’s testing facility, manned by specialist engineers & technicians, is committed to keep pace with the latest technological advancements & developments in rubber parts manufacturing. The Testing facilities to test the product include:
  • 3 Axis CMM

  • UTM

  • Weld Penetration Testing

  • Profile (Shadow) Projection

  • Hardness Testing

  • Surface Roughness Testing

  • Tensile Testing

  • Leakage Testing

  • Surface Thickness Testing for Surface Coating

  • Various instruments & gauges for online inspection


To maintain the integrity of the SIGMA brand best in class packing materials are used to deliver exactly the kind of packaging that befits customer’s market demands and requirements. The individual boxes are bar code labelled and the master packs are given the required protective coverings to withstand the enroute travails, be it through land, air, or sea to ensure that they reach the customer in the same condition as they leave Sigma factory premises.


SIGMA responsibly understands that sustainable development is only possible when a balance is maintained between socio-economic development and environmental protection. Sigma demonstrates its commitment as a responsible corporate citizen by adhering to Global Standards of ISO 14001. Adopting a proactive approach Sigma engages with also its stakeholders’ employees, business partners and customers to focus on an effective waste program to minimize its Carbon footprint.